Conn-Link Technology Inc
  • Waterproof Connector
  • Earphone Jack
  • 3.5mm
  • 3Poles
  • 4Pins
  • Right Angle
  • DIP
  • Tin Plating
  • H=5.5mm
  • Black Color
  • with Oval Ring
  • Waterproof Level IPX7


  1. Rating: 12V, 1A.
  2. Contact Resistance: 30mΩ Maximum.
  3. Withstand Voltage: 500V AC for One Minute.
  4. Durability: 5,000 Insertion/Removal Cycles Minimum.
  5. Insertion Force: 3.0Kgf Max.
  6. Withdrawal Force: 0.3Kgf Min.
  7. Water Proofness: This Product is Conform to JIS Standard IPX7(1m, 30min)
    by Waterproof Jack.
  8. Using Plug: 3.5mm, 3Poles Stereo Plug Provided That They Conform to JIS C6560.
  9. Oval Ring:
    9-1. Hardness of Silicone Rubber: 70゚.
    9-2. Horizontal Flash 0.10mm Max.; Longitudinal Flash 0.10mm Max. 
  10. Housing with O-Ring's Seal Area Burrs is 0.05mm Max.
  11. Housing and O-Rings are Packed Separately.
  12. The Connector Can Go Through the IR Process Once Only.
  13. RoHS Compliance.

Notes: For reflow soldering lead-free products & the O-ring cannot go
through the IR process with waterproof connector together.